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‘Monstrous’ Kompany defends itself against criticism: “It was a great tackle’

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Manchester City had Liverpool Thursday, the first defeat of the season (2-1). Vincent Kompany gave a glansprestatie. The captain of the Citizens crossed Liverpool striker Mohamed Salah in his back pocket, he picked up in the 31st minute a yellow card for a heavy tackle on the Egyptian star.

And that had, according to Liverpool manager Jürgen Klopp is always red. “I love Vincent Kompany, really, but how is it possibly possible that he for such an error is not excluded”, said the coach of the Reds. “He is the last man and makes the error. If he Mo becomes full, is out for the rest of the season.’

Kompany himself was agree with the decision of scheisdrechter Anthony Taylor. “It was a great tackle, right? I had the ball. And also a little bit of the man, but it was not a common error. I wanted him to definitely not injure. It was that or him only on purpose, to let you go.’

Noteworthy: the Red Devil found the response of Salah unjustified. He called the Egyptian, even twice a ‘pussy’.

Our compatriot was after the end also delighted with the performance of Manchester City. “We are a better team when we have emotions that play,” she said at Sky Sports. Pep Guardiola did not want to elaborate on the stage. “It is the decision of the referee,” says the Catalan.

‘Monstrous’ Kompany

In the British media there was, however, a closer look at the competition, and therefore also on the party of Kompany. In The Daily Mail, our fellow countryman, an 8 on 10. “The speed of the attack of Liverpool was always going to be a problem, but he kept himself standing. Earned not a red for the tackle on Salah, ” she said. In a piece about the defense of City was Kompany even ‘monstrous’.

Already dropped the newspaper also another sound heard from ex-referee Mark Clattenburg. ‘Kompany should feel fortunate that he is not a red card was given, ” says the 43-year-old Englishman. ‘I agree, Anthony Taylor did not have the luxury to repeat viewing and sometimes that’s necessary to be 100 percent sure because everything is happening so fast. After watching the repetition, it’s easy to argue why Kompany red earned. He tackelde with a stretched leg and studs in the windshield.’

‘Kompany called Salah a pussy, but that I had to let them pass, ” she said surprisingly at Clattenburg. “It was a struggle and a crucial game. What, then, on the field happens, just continues to best on the field.”

‘Good luck’

Also The Daily Mirror had a former referee to the word. Also Mark Halsey found that Kompany red had to get. ‘It was a very bad surgery to Salah that he would have had to take a shower, ” she said. ‘He jumped with a schaarbeweging, without control, and brought his opponent in danger. He had very much happiness.”

The newspaper gave the Red Devil a 6 on 10. “He was lucky that he was not a red card was given, but led his team in a good way’, according to The Mirror.

The Guardian was a lot harder for Kompany and gave him less than a 4 on 10. “He got a yellow card for a tackle with two feet forward on Salah and lost Firmino far too easy in the end.’

The Sun was a lot more positive. “He was lucky that he got away with a reckless tackle on Salah, but for the rest played Kompany is very strong. It was the first time that he was two matches after each other played, but he stood his ground.

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