Mol, Pieter Delanoy is hulppriester off

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Pieter Delanoy, the Mole in the last series of the eponymous Four-program, is hulppriester. Reports that the diocese of Bruges.

Hulppriester Pieter Delanoy fell even before the series began, among the other candidates, and ultimately proved the native of bruges, even the Mole. He mentioned earlier to know may not be all his life a priest to continue.

Delanoy announced his departure in the parochieblad, and the state can also be read on the website of the diocese of Bruges. Bishop Lode Aerts has the resignation been accepted from the hulppriester in the pastoral unit of Saint-Trudo Bases. He remains a teacher at the Sint-Lodewijkscollege in Brugge Sint-Andries.

The 21-year-old Lloyd Vermeulen last year won the tv program. This year, plays The Mole in Vietnam.

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