Louvre most visited museum, thanks to clip Beyoncé and Jay-z

8a1b20a87415bbc80cdfb0e836b6d6a9 - Louvre most visited museum, thanks to clip Beyoncé and Jay-z

The Louvre in Paris last year, a record number of visitors received, and is the most visited museum in the world. The big focus for the museum is, in part, by the music video that Beyoncé and Jay-Z in the collection of images.

The video “Apeshit” by Beyoncé and Jay-Z is about 150 million views, and shows some of the most important works in the Louvre. The National Museum of China and the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York are also among the top three of the museums.

The pyramid-shaped entrance of the Paris museum was by 10.2 million people enter, a quarter more than the previous year, and large more than the previous record from 2012, while 9.7 million people to the Mona Lisa and the coronation of the emperor Napoleon came to look.

The Louvre museum also benefited from the return of tourists after the terrorist attacks in 2015 massively wegbleven. Three-quarters of the visitors come from abroad, mainly from the United States and China. A growing group of French school children visited the ancient palace, partly because school trips are limited after the series of terrorist attacks in the country.

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