Illegal migration to Europe on the lowest level in five years

80b03f14385c7be3c66a083a9e9b3c7b - Illegal migration to Europe on the lowest level in five years

The European border control agency Frontex last year, some 150,000 illegal arrivals at the external European borders registered. That is a quarter less than in 2017 and the lowest number in five years, it appears from preliminary figures of Frontex.

Striking: not Greece or Italy, but Spain would be the last year for the first time the main country of arrival.

Frontex recorded in 2018 around 150,000 illegal exceedances of the European external borders. The previous year there were roughly 204.000. In comparison with the peak of the vluchtelingencrisis in 2015 the number of illegal exceedances in the meantime, with 92 percent.

That trend is explained by the fact that increasingly fewer people try to get through the Mediterranean Sea, Italy has to achieve. On that route decreased illegal border crossings by 80 percent to 23,000, the lowest number since 2012.

From the former base in Libya decreased the number of leave with 87 percent. A in the three intercepted migrants on this route had the Tunisian or Eritrean nationality.


The illegal migration flows to shift for a while to the west, and that trend continued last year, unabated. So the route was from especially Morocco to Spain for the first time since Frontex figures to track the most active route to Europe. The number of illegal arrivals in Spain increased to 57,000. Most migrants on this route come from countries south of the Sahara.


On the eastern route, the number of illegal border crossings by one-third to 56.000. This was mainly due to the larger number of migrants by land try to the border between Turkey and Greece about to cross. The illegal migratiepogingen through the sea remained more or less stable on this route.


Frontex held last year for the first time, figures on gender and age of illegal migrants. That indicate that women only 18 percent of all illegal border crossings committed. One in five claimed under the age of 18. Frontex recorded almost 4,000 unaccompanied minors.


The statistics of Frontex are based on the number of recorded exceedances of a European external border, not on the number of persons. A person may, within the scope of a year at several locations attempts to Europe illegally to touch.

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