Hackers post personal data of hundreds of German politicians

e18d65ff354e2f401c2d8c5a94f8d8ea - Hackers post personal data of hundreds of German politicians

Hackers have via Twitter the personal data of hundreds of German politicians, drain it, reports the television station ARD on Friday. The data include credit card numbers, telephone numbers, and copies of identity cards and the chats.

According to ARD , politicians of all political parties represented in the Bundestag, the German federal parliament, become the victim of the datalek, except members of the extreme right-wing Alternative für Deutschland (AfD). Also politicians in the states are affected. The affected parties, the harm suffered in a map to bring.

In the publications lack a system. ‘It seems there is much more that the hackers everything they the hand have managed to establish, on the internet have placed,” writes ARD.

The television station reports that also internal partijdocumenten and mailing lists online to grab his thrown. Those documents are usually already several years old, and would allegedly not contain sensitive information.

To the identity of the hackers and their motives is the fact that recommend. The twitter account has about 16,000 followers, and would, according to ARD will be managed from Hamburg. The hackers published the data, before Christmas online, but the leak was only Thursday night noted.

The computer network of the Bundestag in 2015 attacked. It is unclear whether the leaked documents then are captured or at a different time.

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