Fine for handing out anti-homopamfletten

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Three men in Amsterdam flyers london against homosexuality, are by the Dutch court and sentenced to pay a fine of 500 euros. The court takes the them ‘very evil’ that they are a link is created between homosexuality in child abuse.

That reported the Dutch newspaper NRC. The facts date back to October 2016. Two men from The Hague and one from Rotterdam spread flyers which called for children not to allow adoption by gay couples. According to the text, would be 29 percent of those children are abused.

According to the court weighs the right not to be discriminated against here, more weight than free speech. According to the statement, it is not a spontaneous action but a well thought-out plan.

The public prosecutor had for the three a community service of 40 hours of advanced. The reasoning for this is that the three a fine may not be paid. The judge followed that requirement.

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