Family: tonight is really all clear

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Family Friday at the midseasonfinale. Of all seizoensfinales is the cliffhanger around stabbing the person the longest is continue, know Gazet Van Antwerpen. “The search for the killer of June (Katrien De Becker) won at 2.5 months,” says producer Wim Feyaerts. “Four months is too long? For some viewers perhaps. But this storyline is more than waiting on the process. We also wanted the personal story of Véronique tell, the businesswoman with a certain standing and position, suddenly in the jail. We wanted to put uitspitten, and we had time.” This week was a flashback that Marie-Rose in the house of Veronique was, at the time of the stabbing. “What is to say that Martine Jonckheere actually already in april 2018 on the set of Family was, instead of August what a lot of people thought,” says Feyaerts. “All images, even those that you see in the flashbacks you can see in one go filmed in april with all the characters that were needed.”

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