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DX.Exchange tokenized, Tesla, Apple & other Nasdaq stocks

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Marcus Misiak –

A new crypto exchange, which is supported by the Nasdaq, to authorize US stocks like Tesla, Facebook and Apple token.
According to a report from Bloomberg DX.Exchange, an up-and-coming crypto Startup based in Estonia and Israel, next week to authorize a number of popular American shares “token”. As the Name of the company says, is DX.Exchange, a crypto currency exchange that allows investors to trade shares of Apple, Facebook, Tesla, and seven other Nasdaq-listed companies.

Each digital value of the paper is secured by a ordinary shareholder and the holders are entitled to dividends, even if the companies themselves are not involved.

This model of the Tokenization is to have various advantages over traditional stock. The digital share would be small, offer investors a way to bypass the Stop-and-Go nature of the stock market, with its limited trading hours. In addition, the crypto-Token can also be split during the trading fees can be minimized, which lowers the barrier to entry. The above-mentioned factors might represent, therefore, undoubtedly a first step in the direction of financial Integration of the Blockchain in the traditional financial world and for a wider acceptance of crypto and block chain technology.
What relates to the legality of digital securities, as DX says.Exchange, that you don’t need the seal of approval of the SEC. DX CEO Daniel Skowronski, said that his platform is licensed by the Estonian Financial Intelligence Unit, which is supported by the European Union. DX has the legal ability to make such an offer.

Although the US regulatory authorities shall monitor the trading of the first share of DX, said Chief Executive Officer Daniel Skowronski, that he need not permit the Americans to provide this Service, since DX is there. The company says that it is licensed by the Estonian Financial Intelligence Unit with full approval for operation in the European Union.

DX.The Exchange is expected to be on 7. January start. So far, the us securities and exchange Commission SEC has refused to comment.
In the case of good Performance in the first “share Token” intends the Startup, crypto-offering on the New York stock exchange-listed shares as well as shares on the Tokyo Nikkei and Hong Kong’s Hang Seng to expand.

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