Duel between Pelosi and Trump crack direct los

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Nancy Pelosi receives the ‘the case’. With a tap of the hand over his responsibilities, proposals are accepted or rejected.

Nancy Pelosi, the new Democratic chairman of the House, says that Trump money for his wall can forget and connect impeachment.

In the presence of her five children and nine grandchildren was the 78-year-old Nancy Pelosi last night for the second time in her political career was elected president of the House of Representatives – after the president and vice president, the most powerful position in the US.

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She thus becomes the main political opponent of Trump, whom she disillusioned. In a series of interviews made it immediately clear that they are the president hard will address. “No. Nothing for the wall. We talk about border security, ” she replied to a question whether the Democrats are willing to give in to Trump and $ 5 billion in writing in the budget for the construction of a wall on the border with Mexico.

In the absence of an agreement, sit nine of the fifteen ministries since 22 december in a shutdown. ‘We can negotiate, we need to agree on a set of facts. But he (Trump, ed) do not want to do, ” she said to The Washington Post. ‘It is not true that people with diseases of the country are flooding.’ She would also know that ” we do not go down to his level’.
Pelosi showed instantly see that they are the blows of the whip know. “She can have you beheaded without that you even notice that you are bleeding,” said her daughter Wednesday, compared to CNN.

The responsibility for the shutdown with her political opponents to impose, the Democrats will have two laws that the Republicans in the Senate at the end of last year, self-supported, but that Trump refused to approve it. A law makes it possible that eight ministries get money until september, and second is that the department of Homeland Security until February 8, is able to function. That month must allow for a compromise.

That does not mean that the end of the shutdown is already in sight. The begrotingsbureau of the White House suggested Thursday night that Trumps advisors would recommend a veto against the law, if the proposal is submitted to him. Be invited Trump the representatives of Democrats and Republicans for new consultations in the White House on Friday, in order to find a solution. Such a summit Wednesday did not lead to a breakthrough.

In her aanvaardingsspeech, in which they Trump not mentioned, be Pelosi, incidentally, is also the need to take action against climate change and expressed them as indirect criticism on the policies of the president. “The Americans understand the urgency better than this Congress,” she said.


Pelosi, who was born as Nancy Patricia D’Alesandro and grew up in the Italian district in Baltimore, also excludes from the impeachmentprocedure against Trump: “We have to wait and see what happens with the report from Robert Mueller,” she said. “We should not go for an impeachment, for political reasons, but we must also not dodge for political reasons’.

Pelosi also excludes from the Democrats in the House of the tax-assessments of Trump will request that the president so far refused to release.

If there is reason prove to be to an impeachment procedure against Trump to start, both Democrats and Republicans now agree, says Pelosi. It is unlikely that they have their own president would be willing to sacrifice.

But also typical of Pelosi: in her long career (she was first elected in 1987) she proved that she can work and deals can close with the Republicans in her office is a photo of the december death of former president Bush, and she quoted last night from the last speech of the late Ronald Reagan.

“And if we disagree with each other, let the truth respect,” she decided. Also that was meant for the current occupant of the White House, which, according to the censuses of The Washington Post in 2018, an average of 15 false claims per day.

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