Bomb explodes at office, extreme right-wing AfD in Saxony

7ee81b900fc6b3220555c3258beacb9b - Bomb explodes at office, extreme right-wing AfD in Saxony

The German police have three men arrested on suspicion of involvement in a bomb attack on the office of the extreme right-wing party Alternative für Deutschland (AfD) in the Eastern German state of Saxony.

The bomb exploded Thursday night just outside the partijkantoor of the AfD in the city of Döbeln. The explosion set the building ablaze and damaged parked cars and buildings in the area. There were no injuries.

The antiterreureenheid of the criminal police of Saxony, called the attack an escalation of politically motivated violence, to the address of the AfD, which is usually limited to vandalism. “The explosion was clearly the target people to hurt’, it sounds.

Witnesses have, according to the Sächsische Zeitung seen a man in a dumpster stopped in front of the door of the partijkantoor. The container was after the explosion in pieces on the street. Against the Leipziger Volkszeitung says the police are still not sure to know if the explosive in the garbage can, sat, or that the thing is broken by an explosion from outside.

German nationality

The German police reports that the suspects, 29, 32 and 50 years old. They have all three of the German nationality. The antiterreureenheid put the investigation into the attack continues.

The state of Saxony last year, was still the scene of violent protests that followed the murder of a Cuban-German man in the city of Chemnitz. That murder was attributed to two migrants from Iraq and Syria. Thereupon organized extreme right-wing demonstrators violent protest marches and even a ‘raid on immigrants’.

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