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BitTorrent will bring their own tokens on TRON for faster Downloads

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BitTorrent will bring their own tokens on TRON Blockchain for faster Downloads

Home News BitTorrent is own tokens on TRON Blockchain for faster Downloads

Marcel Knobloch –

TRON is considered to be heavily hyped project in the crypto industry, which is, however, attributed on the basis of many Aqusititionen and steps in the development of great potential. From the purchase of BitTorrent in the last year to be beaten by the Release of one’s own Tokens on the TRON Blockchain capital.
TRON aquirierte last year, the user platform BitTorrent can have my user base of more than 100 million. Yesterday the TRON Foundation has announced, in cooperation with the BitTorrent Foundation, a BitTorrent-specific TRON-Token is released, which should be on the Binance Launchpad for accounts outside of the USA. The Token bbird bear the name BitTorrent-Token with the abbreviation BTT and is published by BitTorrent Foundation. It holders able to pay for faster download speeds on the platform.
BitTorrent TRC-10 is compatible and in BitTorrents Windows-Client µTorrent Classic implemented.
CEO and founder of TRON that this step is important on the way to the decentralized Internet:

BitTorrent-Token is the first in a series of steps to support a decentralized Internet.

BTT will act as a platform for its own digital currency, in order to give users the ability to pay for a larger bandwidth. SUN describes, however, that other users will not BTT to invest a total of faster and more powerful Ecosystem benefit. BitTorrent Clients upload media files through the network shared resources. At the same time, however, are also uploaded on the basis of free capacity files and it will benefit all users of the provided computing power. Once a Download is complete, the Client data of the same user or other users high:

This activity, however, is completely altruistic and there are no economic disadvantages for the end user, the turn off your BitTorrent Client and stop.

However, the Problem lies within the efficiency of the system. If the downloading Peer has the entire file, is the economic incentive is not sufficient to make this again available to other users. The introduction of the BTT will help to eliminate this structural problem, and participants to reward actors for the provision of infrastructure. In the white paper the Vision is that the BitTorrent Foundation wants to build in cooperation with TRON their supremacy in the area of dApps and expand.

When the Token sale will actually start is not set to the current time. TRON promises, but on the NiTRON Summit in San Francisco on 17.01.2019 for more information.

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