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Ann Wauters gets a new job at the French Villeneuve d’ascq

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Ann Wauters recovering still from a knee injury, but will be going back to work. The 38-year-old East-Flemish is center – and mental coach of the French Villeneuve d’ascq, the team with which they are in 2015, the EuroCup won.

“I prefer the term gedragscoach,” said Wauters Friday at a press conference in Lille. “In individual sports, the athletes are often psychologically accompanied, in team sports it is not yet systematically the case. However, that is a very important aspect to the talents of a team to develop. At the Belgian Cats we see for years what you with a good team spirit can achieve.”

Along with mental & performance coach Matthias Haspeslagh and Ellen Schoupe, sportpsychologe at the Belgian Cats, Wauters a few months back Smart Mind. “We developed a basic model, based on seven ” high-performing attitudes’. After all, there is not one single correct attitude, since there are also different characters. That you must know and understand to make a team to forge. Players have with the press can handle, at all times, able to concentrate, their behavior may be correct… I want to use my experience in that area to share. A small detail can make all the difference. Here at Villeneuve-d’ascq can I find a staff and a coach who is very open to that aspect of sports.”

In the French league is Villeneuve-d’ascq currently in fourth place in the Euroleague is in the group of Castors Braine after two victories and five defeats only sixth, with only one point more than the Belgian champion. “We are currently in both the worst as the best in the state, it is too changeable,” acknowledges chairman Carmelo Scarna. “Ann Wauters should change that. With her, we get on an emblematic person in the house, someone with a lot of experience, that the club has. In the first instance, she will be our coach Fred Dusart assist in the coaching of the centers. In addition, she must help us mentally stronger. The missing us after all, to aggressiveness, to grinta. With Wauters, we want a new path.”

“We are talking with Wauters about what the team can bring,” says Dusart. “Her ideas gave birth to me. The mental aspect in a team is very important and individuals together requires work. What the Belgians at the world cup performed (fourth place), has only the more sense do to with Wauters to work together. We are confident that we make the right choice.”

Wauters was the end of december 2017 at the knee, had surgery and was since then only at the world CHAMPIONSHIPS in action. To stop thinking, however, they have not. “I hope in 2020 with the Cats to the Olympic Games. But I one hundred percent fit, I would not get me to a club tie. It is difficult, because I still like the site sta, but it is the body that decides.”

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