American jury must judge, or Ed Sheeran, Marvin Gaye pirated has

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Last summer, British pop star Ed Sheeran sued because he has a song of soulzanger Marvin Gaye pirated would have. A request from Sheeran to the case to dismiss was rejected by a judge, and now a jury will decide whether the singer was committing plagiarism.

‘Thinking Out Loud’, the hit single from Sheeran, would suspect a lot of the elements of the song ‘Let’s Get It On’ by Marvin Gaye from 1973. The judge ruled that both songs were “many similarities”, such as the bass line and the percussion, reports the British musician magazine New Musical Express (NME).

The final judgment is now in the hands of a jury that must decide whether the harmonic rhythm of ‘Let’s Get It On’ is standard for copyright protection, or not. If the jury is of the opinion that Sheeran definitely committing plagiarism, the pop singer a hefty fine over your head.

The ball went two years ago to the roles when one of the heirs of Edward Townsend, who in 2003 died, a few allegations of Sheeran expressed. Townsend wrote “Let’s Get It On’ together with Gay. Sheeran pointed to the allegations of the hand.

Sheeran is still embroiled in a second lawsuit with the firm’s Structured Asset Sales (SAS), that a share in the copyright of the song from Gaye. SAS is claiming compensation of 100 million dollars.

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