Academy wants, Kevin Hart, according to Ellen DeGeneres as Oscar host

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The American actor and comedian Kevin Hart should still have the Oscars to present. At least, if the Academy is. The organisation of the film awards wants, according to presenter Ellen DeGeneres, who the event two times presented, like that he has the role yet. That writes People today also on the basis of sources around the Academy.

Heart took away his position as the presenter of the film awards, when old tweets into disrepute came. In the messages on social media, wrote the actor and comedian homophobic texts.

In the show of Ellen DeGeneres he did tonight extended his story from the cloth. This confession would, according to People, a prelude to the announcement that Heart the show still present.

“I have talked to them and told them that you still want to do,” said DeGeneres. “They said immediately that they want very much that you are doing and that they have the feeling that something has gone wrong. “Maybe we have something wrong to say, but we’re very happy that he presents. If anything else we can do, we do it gladly’,” said DeGeneres in her talk show to the actor.

Heart did itself away from its role as a presenter, but now says that he need to have a good think about whether he still wants to do. “Let me just take the time to just think and as I know, I talk first with you.”

DeGeneres, who is himself on women, added that they are the sayings of the Heart offensive found. “But I also understand, as you yourself said, that you said because you don’t know enough about the subject. You’ve grown as a person, you have apologized and will do it again. Let the angry people will not win: to present the Oscars.” DeGeneres, her statements are not being resented.

Security is not there yet. It is 2006 ago, when Jon Stewart presented, that the host so shortly before the ceremony had to be announced. The Oscars will be in the night of Sunday 24 to Monday 25 of February (Belgian time) will be presented in Los Angeles.

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