100,000 visitors for “The Colleagues 2.0”

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“The Colleagues 2.0”, the latest film by Jan Verheyen, despite a weak start after nearly four weeks now, the threshold of 100,000 visitors reached. The first days, since the premiere, attracted the remake of the former popular series, but a small number of visitors to the cinema.

The first week after the release on 12 december came to a small 32.500 visitors to watch the adventures of Ben Segers, Veerle Dobbelaere, Tatyana Beloy, and Mathias Vergels. “The movie had indeed a somewhat difficult start for the christmas holidays. But now it’s after four full weeks still in the top 5 of the Flemish visitor numbers,” says Isabelle Couvreur of filmverdeler Kinepolis Film Distribution. “And that while there during the holidays is always a mass of new movies going to start. By this high position, the movie will certainly still several weeks in the programme, and will the number still be up.” The film would be about a hundred thousand visitors have needed in order to get, according to The Newspaper. That now seems to be so successful.

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