Waste, vandalism, and overcrowded toilets: shutdown leads to inconvenience in American parks

a757cf184b645742dadfee7f4c731adc - Waste, vandalism, and overcrowded toilets: shutdown leads to inconvenience in American parks

The managers of the national parks in California to limit further the access to the parts of their areas following reports of vandalism, illegal camping and heaps of waste. Cause is the closure of the government, the so-called shutdown, which continue unabated.

The campsites in the well-known Joshua Tree National Park locks Wednesday afternoon. The overflowing toilets are a health and safety risk. The park was also hit with vandalism of buildings, while illegal camping and vehicles that have offroad damage unjust to the environment, said Andrew Munoz, spokesman for the National Parks Service.

Forest rangers in the Yosemite National Park, was installed in the meantime a checkpoint at the southern entrance of the park on Highway 41. Only those who have booked for a stay or a camping in the park is still in it during the piekbezoekuren between 9 and 18 hours.

Visitors did their need to be behind buildings or just next to the road in the parks. According to Munoz creates health risks. Waste that accumulates, would also have a significant impact on the environment. In addition, it is feared that wild animals, such as bears, will be attracted by the waste. That would for dangerous interactions between humans and animals.

Because people ontlastten next to Highway 41, were last week, a forest and two of the campgrounds have closed. Two skiing and all the visitor centres of the park remain closed.

Within without pay

Also in Joshua Tree continue to visitor centres, toilets and stations for waste discharge closed due to the partial closure of the federal government. The toilets that openbleven, toilets without water in which fish waste in an underground container to be picked up, sit crowded. Because there are no workers to make the content on pumps, also the toilets now. Visitors could last few days the park without paying, because there was no one to the entrance of thirty dollars per car, to collect.

Rangers in both parks remain in post and oversee the closures.

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