“Third ‘John Wick’movie, one with many dead”

309f55fd81c22823579ffe43701ef52c - "Third 'John Wick'movie, one with many dead"

The third ‘John Wick’-movie will be a big massacre. That has director Chad Stahelski said to Comicbook.

The film is according to Stahelski, a kind of oorsprongsverhaal around John Wick (played by Keanu Reeves), but would also be more massacres than part 2 around the assassin. If also the third film to be a success turns out to be, speaks already of a fourth ‘John Wick’-movie. There is also a series of worked around the mysterious Continental hotel, where the franchise a place for.

The third ‘John Wick’-movie will appear in may of this year in the cinemas.

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