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The crypto-December in review

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The Blockchain and the crypto world is full of innovations, conjectures, and sometimes completely wrong predictions. If you missed the Top Stories this week, this article provides a comprehensive overview of the Top headlines. In the world of Cryptocurrency and the Blockchain, a lot has happened. Here is a brief summary of the events:

G20 countries will regulate crypto-currencies

The G20 countries have published their Plan to find a solution to the question of taxation and the regulation of crypto-currencies. The countries had agreed on the use of crypto-currencies to the G20 conference, which took place in Buenos Aires, to deal with. The joint Declaration was signed by all the G20 countries. You admitted that the current multilateral trade regulations, fulfill their purpose and developed a fundamental Reform of the world trade organization.

The of the G20 countries signed the document, confirmed that for the digitisation of the world economy, significant improvements are required. Accordingly, the G20 has approved a government strategy in line with the FATF Standards.

Bobby Lee: “The Bitcoin will remain in the long term”

Bobby Lee, Co-Founder of BTCChina, and one of the most famous persons in the Blockchain-the world, has said that the Bitcoin will be an integral part of humanity, similar to electricity or the Internet. He also said that the crypto-Revolution was unstoppable. These prophecies, he expressed, as he tweeted about the current G20 conference.

Korea’s largest Internet company Kakao launches ICO

In contrast to the traditional Fundraising Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) promise many benefits. They are simple to start, require less paperwork and offer quick sales and thus bring benefits that can not offer other traditional methods. This has led to many companies and organizations began to capital through ICOs to collect. With the rise in scams and the problems with the regulatory authorities, it is more difficult than ever. This has to start with some large companies not held, however, ICOs, the South Korean company Kakao.

Binance start your own Binance Blockchain

Binance, the world’s largest crypto stock exchange will introduce a separate Blockchain called “Binance Chain“. The new Binance-Blockchain to currencies the basis for the development of new Cryptographic and ICO-Token form. Changpeng Zhao (CZ), CEO of Binance, said at the Event “Decrypting Blockchain for Business“, the fresh ideas are similar to the old concepts of crypto, and thus lead to the expected global to be Made.

Coinbase is showing interest to list these Coins:

The important crypto-Exchange Coinbase has announced a review of the Listing of 31 Krytowährungen, including Ripple (XRP),. The California-based Exchange lists in the future, numerous Kryptos, including Dai, Mana, Neo and many more. Coinbase will work with local financial institutions and Supervisory authorities, the Assets in as many countries as possible to trading. In September 2018 Coinbase had announced a new strategy for Listing new Assets. The company said that it is a fast, all crypto-currencies to lists that correspond to its internal criteria and the current laws and everything for customers to get.

Bitwala launches first German crypto-Bank

Bitwala, a global Blockchain-based payment service provider with headquarters in Berlin, Germany, has introduced in Germany, a crypto-Banking Service. Bitwala is the first company that offers such a thing. Was founded Bitwala in October 2015 by Jörg von Minckwitz, Jan Goslicki, and Benjamin P. Jones.

The user can now make both Bitcoin and Euro deposits and, in the same place, with the security and accessibility of a German Bank account. With a Bitwala account, a debit card and a built-in Bitcoin Wallet, with the included crypto-trade is available to the user. All Euro deposits up to an amount of € 100,000 are protected by the German Deposit guarantee system (DGS), as Bitwala is regulated in Germany by the BaFin.

Coinbase starts a conversion service between crypto-currencies

Coinbase, a crypto exchange based in San Francisco, California, presented at 17.12 his new conversion service for crypto-currencies. The conversion service is on as well as in the iOS and Android Apps available. The changeover is effected immediately and on more favourable conditions than in the case of two different transactions.

In the official statement it was said that the company currencies, the possibility for the conversion of Crypto in all 34 countries where Coinbase regional is represented step will be for the customer. Coinbase also plans to collect during the customer feedback and the Feature in the course of time to develop.

France rejects crypto-friendly tax reforms

The French Parliament has rejected various crypto-friendly tax reforms, which aimed to reduce taxes for crypto-traders and investors. Among the rejected Amendments to those capital relate to gains and losses and the crypto-tax exclusions. At the Moment, crypto-assets in France with max. To 36.2%, through the regular income tax are taxed. A design for a tax rate of 30% for crypto-currencies continues to exist, but was rejected by the French government. These Changes would have made the purchase or sale of crypto-currencies is more profitable, but it probably will not for now.

Western Union partners with Ripple

Western Union, an American financial services company, has entered into a partnership with Ripple Labs for testing Blockchain payments, and also thinks currencies of the implementation of Crypto. During the interview with Reuters Plus the President of Western Union Global Money Transfer Odilon Almeida admitted that the company has reviewed whether it should accept cryptocurrencies for payment or not. The President also stated that Western Union is examining the potential methods for the improvement of their services through the use of the Blockchain technology.

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