Stop saving in the midseason-finale of Family

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It doesn’t look good for Véronique Van den Bossche (Sandrine André). Her trial for the assassination attempt on Amélie (Erika Van Tielen) is Wednesday starts in the Family and the first testimonies seem its acid to break down. That the mystery surrounding the stabbing of his climax approaching, feel the viewers to the strain that ever-increasing. In the revealing midseizoensfinale on Friday, 4 January fall all the puzzle pieces together. What exactly happened in the house of Véronique? And which sentence hangs her over the head?
In the extra-long midseizoensfinale gathers the family to the last testimonies on the process to attend. While the emotions there can be very high, run Lars (Kürt Rogiers) a race against the clock to his great love Véronique to get free. He is firmly convinced that his ex Marie (Lien Van de Kelder) Amélie has stabbed the guilt in the shoes of her liefdesrivale to slide. Together with Hanne (Margot Hallemans) are watching Lars the last options to reduce the debt of Marie, and the innocence of Véronique, to prove. But manages he is there in it? And his investigation is still on time?

Also Marie-Rose De Putter (Martine Jonckheere) threw herself the last couple of weeks as the prime suspect in the case. This week saw viewers in a flashback how she at the crime scene, the bloody knife on the ground, threw and in a panic wegvluchtte. Also its suspicious zwijgdeals with witness Marnix (Kristof Coenen), shouted questions. What happened exactly? Marie-Rose seems to be in no way out to find more for the secret that she carries.

But not only the process of Véronique brings viewers Friday to the edge of their seats. Also Niko (Jo Hens) creates unexpected tension. In the donderdagaflevering he received a visit from Vereecken (Peter Van Gucht), the man who him as a child, abused and terrorized. Everything indicates that Vereecken now stopping Niko has to do to blow, because the man continued after a skirmish between both of them apparently lifeless behind. Is Niko in tight shoes?
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The midseason finale of Family, Friday, 4 January at 20: 35 hours on VTM.

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