Still no presenter for the Oscars

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Now the christmas holidays are slowly coming to an end, look at Hollywood-watchers eagerly awaiting the 91st edition of the Oscars. It is remarkable that no presenter for the ceremony is found, says columnist Scott Feinberg in The Hollywood Reporter.

The issues around the presentation of the beeldjesceremonie started in december, when the Academy Kevin Hart announced as host. The actor was two days after the announcement thank you for unproven services after controversy grew around some homophobic tweets that the man in the past has posted. Since it is a coming and going of the candidates for Oscar-producer Donna Gigliotti. The producer of successful prints as “Shakespeare in Love” and “Silver Linings Playbook” should the ceremony for the first time in a good direction.

Sources within the Academy have on the condition of anonymity admitted to The Hollywood Reporter that the organization no idea what they need to do now. It is 2006 ago, when Jon Stewart presented, that the host so shortly before the ceremony had to be announced.

For now the American press is no official response has been received from the Academy. In any case it is already certain that Jimmy Kimmel, the Oscars will not be present. He previously made clear, this work does not want to do.

The Oscars will be in the night of Sunday 24 to Monday 25 of February (Belgian time) will be presented in Los Angeles.

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