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Solskjaer wants to stay after 12 on the 12th at Manchester United, Lukaku explains what the difference is with Mourinho

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Ole Gunnar Solskjaer is with great success to his temporary assignment at Manchester United began. The Norwegian won his first four matches and announced after the 0-2 victory on the field of Newcastle Wednesday night that he was a trainer wants to remain. Red Devil Romelu Lukaku, who is 38 seconds after subbing the first goal scored in the English press already beautiful words about for the successor of José Mourinho.

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Solskjaer was a few weeks referred to as caretaker manager at Manchester United after the dismissal of José Mourinho. He gets the club under his care until the end of the season, as the club and a new coach appoints. Only can that be hard to do better than the ex-player of Man U: since the arrival of Solskjaer’s team won each of its four games. After the victory on the field of Newcastle on Wednesday announced the Noor that he is coach of Manchester United wants to continue.

“I don’t want to leave,” said Solskjaer across the BBC. “This is such a great group of players, such a fantastic atmosphere, but it’s all about the next match. I do my job as long as I can. If you four can win, you can have another four win with this club.”

A prominent role in the 0-2 victory was reserved for Romelu Lukaku. The Red Devil was no rise of Solskjaer, but if just past the hour raids and scored barely 38 seconds later, the openingsdoelpunt quick to react as the goalkeeper of Newcastle a free-kick from Marcus Rashford let slip. “You have to be ready when wisselspeler, that is what Solskjaer of ask me,” said Lukaku after the end. “I knew the goalie that ball could solve, as you need to on gambling.”

Stitch in the direction of Mourinho?

Despite the fact that he is still not the undisputed holder under the new coach, seems Lukaku music to see in a collaboration. ‘Big Rom’ talks about the difference with José Mourinho, who in the middle of december to the side was pushed. “It is completely different to working under Solskjaer. Marcus (Rashford, ed) and Anthony (Martial, ed) and the rest, and I learn a lot from him, especially the attacking.” Still a stitch to Mourinho, who is mainly known for his defensive approach?

Anyway it seems Solskjaer committed to a different approach to throwing. Last week, he had already understood that he is hard to work with the front line of Manchester United. Especially in mental area. “I want their heads touching, there is the key”, he noted in front of The Daily Express. “You will always miss out on opportunities, but you can there is nothing more to do once it’s over. It’s always about the next opportunity, should you are doing as a striker. My strongest side was to score goals to score and I am sure that I these guys in regards to that, yet council can give.”

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