Proximus shall send announcement for One series ‘Over Water’ no longer

57579159834a25a7400705a877d17b86 - Proximus shall send announcement for One series 'Over Water' no longer

Telecom operator Proximus will be from the next episode of the One-programme ‘Water’ in the current tv commercial of the tube pick up and a more generic broadcasting. “It is never the intention to drug use to minimize it”, what it sounds like.

Earlier in the day, the Jury for Ethical Practices in advertising (JEP) to know that there are six complaints were received about the conscious commercial before and after the fiction series about cocaine in the port of Antwerp on Sunday night’s broadcast. Together with the Proximus logo appears with the phrase, “Enjoy together the weekly dose of action”, where the letters seem to be soaked up. Last week had some of the organisations that deal with drug prevention, do all of criticism.

Proximus spokesperson Fabrice Transports stressed that the decision to use the spot to withdraw the Tuesday intern has already been taken, for reporting on the complaints to the JEP. “In spots before or after a program broadcast, we want to be in a playful way to make a link with that program,” explains composed the score. Although Proximus says not intended to have had to drug abuse is to minimize and also do not find that the content offensive or objectionable, is the spot still replaced by a “more generic”. That will immediately at the next episode Sunday night.

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