Overboard beaten containers with toxic substances are not yet found

Not only on the Islands are all sorts of things washed up from the overboard beaten containers from the vessel MSC Zoe. Also on the north coast of the Dutch provinces of Friesland and Groningen is all kinds of junk on shore came.

The sea dike in the Frisian town of Moddergat is strewn with styrofoam, shoes and cushions, and also in the unembanked salt marshes are stuff. Volunteers are in the loom to get everything to clean up.

Also on the island are the beaches filled with all kinds of stuff, as is to be seen on a video that the forester of the national trust on the island has been posted on Facebook. There is a vast amount of styrofoam, shoes, kinderwagenwieltjes, stools and plastic pumps for zeepflessen. She speaks of ‘a disaster’.

The Dutch coast guard, the search by plane to the overboard beaten containers Thursday morning after sunrise resume. Some of the containers have sunk, others drift with the current. The inventory is of interest to traffic in time to warn them.

Toxic substance peroxide

The search for a few containers loaded with the toxic substance peroxide according to the coast guard tricky. From the air, the songs on floating containers barely. Who containers or drums, is warned not to hit and the emergency services to call.

Things that fall overboard and wash ashore must be in accordance with the Dutch Law on the strandvonderij normally to the municipality. But the municipality of Terschelling said Wednesday that washed-up stuff should be included because they have no value by the contact with seawater. Closed containers should not be opened.

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