One year after “Project Axel’, almost all participants again lagerwal

b9e78e61c48a1091bd15bfb3fc63f095 - One year after "Project Axel', almost all participants again lagerwal

In the FOUR-program “Project Axel” had a number of homeless 10.000 euro in the hope of their life again on track. One year later, however, revealed that only one participant still has a roof over his head, reports Day All.

It seemed, however, to walk away when the last episode was canned. Second, they all had shelter and a bright future ahead. A year later, the sobering than also great to see that almost all of them again in the poverty path.

With all the men who participated in “Project Axel’, is the final not well. Dirk seems to even completely of the globe to have disappeared. The makers have always contact, trying to keep up with the participants, but he completely lost it.

With Graeme had the program anyway never really success. Also at the end it was the Brit still child at home with the Antwerp shelters Victor 5. The papers in order to bring him right would give a benefit? Too much work.

Thom and Danny knew both a job to decorate in the hospitality industry, but Danny had as a chef at restaurant De Peerdestal road when the previous chef back in service came and Thom appeared a little too often late to work at the tavern The Owl in Wilrijk.

Only Sahra knew according to Day, All from the poverty to continue. Her first job at pet Maxi Zoo gave them, but as an independent consultant for beauty products they succeed, say that have to make ends meet.

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