New year celebrations in Thailand requirements almost 500 deaths

In Thailand there are a total of 463 people were killed and almost 4,000 others injured in accidents between 27 december and 2 January. That made the ministry for Disaster relief Thursday known.

It is going to be an increase compared to the same period last year, when 423 people died in accidents on the road. On new year’s day only came out this year, 89 people, while 700 injured.

The period between 27 december and 2 January in Thailand known as the ‘seven dangerous days’. Main causes of accidents are drunk drivers, followed by excessive speed. In more than 80 percent of the accidents with motorcycles, the most popular vehicle in the South-east Asian country.

According to a report from the world health organization (WHO), which was published in december 2018, the Thai roads on the ninth place of the most deadly in the world. The country was in the previous ranking in 2015 is still on the second place.

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