New Brazilian president takes controversial decision

33484ed0e74525f6052b4e3fad9944a8 - New Brazilian president takes controversial decision

The extreme right-wing Jair Bolsonaro is just president of Brazil, but he already has a measure, that for controversy. The ministry of Agriculture is now responsible for the demarcation of the land that the indigenous population be entrusted.

Up to now, saw the National Foundation for Indians (Funai) on the protection of the indigenous population in Brazil. That public service fell in the past under the ministry of Justice, but now the new ministry for Women, the Family and the Rights over them.

Bolsonaro, that Tuesday, the oath, named Tereza Cristina da Costa as minister of Agriculture. She is the leader of a parliamentary group representing the interests of the agribusiness defends. The agribusiness was a key pillar of the president during his campaign.

Defenders of the cause of the indigenous population believe that the decision of Bolsonaro representing the hands of the indigenous land to the insatiable lust for power of the agricultural companies.

The new Brazilian president wanted the ministries of Agriculture and Environment merge, but stopped that measure in the fridge after a lot of indignant responses.

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