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Netflix used images train accident Band in horror movie

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In the Netflix movie Death Note were real images of the train accident in Buizingen in 2010. During a fictional news bulletin in the horror film are the aerial shots of a derailed train and all the havoc around it.

Workers walk in the fragments in yellow vests press over and over again. “Five of the cartel members committed themselves for an approaching train cast’, tells the nieuwsanker in the film.

Only chose Netflix for the recording of that scene for real images of the train crash at the Flemish-Brabant Buizingen in February of 2010. People were then nineteen dead, more than 160 others were injured.

Public transport company nmbs / SNCB is not to speak about the assembly. “We were not aware of this. We regret that these images are used and that they are out of the context are taken. That shows a lack of respect for the victims and their relatives. Nor for the staff of the railways and the emergency services. We are currently or we are taking steps to do business’, says spokesman Dimitri Temmerman.

‘Disgusting and unacceptable’, says Anita Mahy (60), which is the disaster survived. “It is unheard of that a true fact is used for fiction and commercial gain. I find it a complete lack of respect for the people involved. You will but unsuspectingly a film night watching this and then be faced with the accident.’ Netflix could yesterday, not react. It is also unclear whether the pictures are purchased or unsolicited are used.

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