Koen Wauters travels with Valerie, Nono and Zita to carefree childhood in 1979

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Nostalgiehit Greetings From, last season good for an average of 855.000 viewers, is back. Every Thursday for the traveling VTM to the seventies, eighties or nineties to make it a weekend to spend in the zeitgeist of that time: in smells, colours and clothes. On January 3, makes the viewer become acquainted with the 12-year-old Koen Wauters in 1979. Later diving Davy Gilles (1988), Eddy Planckaert (1970) and Ben Segers (1986) with their family in the teletijdcapsule of Greetings From.

The pant legs are wider, the hair waves are becoming more and punk sounding on the dance floors. 1979 is also the year in which Margaret Thatcher first elected to the British prime minister, and thanks to Atm for the first time money from the wall can be achieved. But none of that can the 12-year-old Koen Wauters dren. As the youngest in a family of 6 children, he slips as zondagskind through life. His days he brings all talk. “My father always said: God created the day and Koentje ran through it. I made me not to quick worry about things,” recalls Koen. Together with his wife, Valerie De Booser and their kids, the 14-year-old Zita and 12-year-old Nono, he travels for a weekend back to 1979. Also for Valerie a very special year, because she was born.

An Lemmens wait for the family with a blue Renault R4. “There we climbed earlier with 6 children… All I ask me now, however, wondering how that was possible,” laughs Koen. Together, chug them in second gear and on the music of ABBA to their stay. The kids are still somewhat skeptical: “I’m curious if I hard will get bored,” says Nono. But that negativity quickly makes place for laughter when everyone seventieslook get fitted. Wide pipes, headbands, leather jackets and diamonds are totally hot in 1979. “Nono looks as if he every moment to the church”, howling Zita. Valerie loses themselves completely in Pong, the first video game, as simple as it is addictive.

The visit on Saturday of sisters Sweet and Veerle and brothers, Ludo and Kris brings the warm, family atmosphere of the past. As a cherry on the cake: a visit to the county fair, the highlight of the year in Koens home village of Sint-Genesius-Rode. After the bumper cars it is time for a real driving lesson. Because in 1979, you could view your youngsters, even just behind the steering wheel of the car. Have Nono and Zita the racegenen of Koen inherited?

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