Kabila remains even after swearing successor in the presidential palace to live

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Who will be the next president of Congo, four days after the elections is not yet clear. However, it is clear that the presidential palace, the Palais de la Nation in Kinshasa, not the official residence, will be the new head of state. Current president Joseph Kabila remains, namely, to live.

The successor of Kabila will the residence be assigned to the current first minister Bruno Tshibala. The Congolese news site reports that he already asked his suitcases to pack and a new home to look.

‘Tshibala is since last week at the height, ” says a source to the news site. ‘The removals start, just like the alterations.’ According to that source, is the presidential palace-private property of Kabila. “He has acquired from the heirs of Mobutu.’

The first results of the Congolese presidential elections will, incidentally, only after Sunday will be published, in contrast to earlier promises. The ballots to collect and count turns out much slower than planned. That has kiescommissievoorzitter Corneille Nangaa Thursday admitted, after previous posts about this from the news agency Reuters.

At this moment, would not yet be a fifth of the ballots have been collected. “We do not sleep,” said Nangaa. “We do our best to show the results on 6 January to publish. But of course we can also not have any iron with our hands to break.’

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According to Nangaa is the blame on the refusal of opposition and civil society to the voting computers to use the results to send. Against those plans was protest raised, because fraud will be easier to take would be. ‘Now we pay for our own shameful behavior: we had a solution proposed, they have refused, now we have the consequences to bear.’

The elections were last Sunday and the intention was to have the first results at the latest on Sunday 6 January to publish. In anticipation of that announcement, the Congolese government, the popular radio station RFI (Radio France international), the silenced and the accreditation of the RFI journalist repealed.

Also the mobile internet was shut down. With these measures, the government wants to avoid ‘oil on the fire’ is thrown if the first results are made known, what it sounds like.

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