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“I was against the F1-comeback of Michael Schumacher”

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After retiring from the Formula 1 and Ferrari was Michael Schumacher in 2010 an F1 comeback with Mercedes. However, that was not to the liking of everyone …

For years he was the manager of Michael Schumacher, and was at the forefront of his F1-career: Willi Weber. From his debut in 1991 and for many years after it was Weber, the manager of Schumacher.

Weber made many great years of Michael Schumacher, as his first two world titles with Benetton and then also the years of dominance at Ferrari that Schumacher a further five world championship titles produced.

In 2006, Michael Schumacher is a first time bid farewell to the Formula 1, but after three sabbatjaren seduced Mercedes the German to make a comeback in 2010. However, that was not to the liking of Willi Weber, who entreated him not to do it.

“I called him to me and said ‘please Do not. You can only lose’,” said Weber compared to the German newspaper ‘Abendzeitung’.

“He was a seven times world champion who has nothing more to prove. He wanted, however, will again be racing. I thought to myself, that’s okay, but then without me,” whereupon Weber by Sabine Kehm, was replaced as the new manager and spokeswoman for Michael Schumacher and his family.

Willi Weber expressed over the past years repeatedly criticised the attitude of the family Schumacher. He may say that Schumacher is not visit and find it bad that the fans do not get more information about the condition of Schumacher. Nevertheless, it looks he is a very good feeling back to many years of cooperation.

“We still had a contract until 2014, but I wish the world is no longer around,” says Weber. “I’m someone who think that everything in life has time. What Michael and I for nearly twenty years, have done our time in Formula 1.”

“You can’t return to the past. We are friends gone, and then hundreds of times over the phone or over a coffee or meal together spoken.”

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