Ex-workers complain about sexism in the campaign team Bernie Sanders to

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The popular Democratic senator Bernie Sanders is under fire because sexism would have been against workers for his presidential campaign worked in 2016. The senator says that he was not aware of the accusations of sexism and wage differentials in 2016. If he would return campaign would run for the presidency in 2020 he would ‘do better’.

The New York Times wrote Wednesday that several women were victims of sexism, sexual harassment and lower wages were given than their male colleagues. Their complaints would often not taken seriously.

Giulianna Di Lauro, a strategist during Sanders’ campaign in 2016, complained about a colleague who has her troubled. He complimented her “beautiful curly hair” and asked if he could touch it. They gave in the first instance, permission because they thought he was a lock of his hair went to touch it. Eventually he became her in a sexual way’. The Lauro complained about its responsible Bill Velazquez. Velazquez would have responded that ‘they like would have found if he is under have been and laughed.

Another woman said that she had $ 2,400 per month earned, while a younger male colleague where she was the manager of was $ 5,000 earned. After it complained about was her wages equated.

“I apologize towards any woman who finds that she has not been properly treated. If I re-election campaign would run (for the presidency nsdc) , we will be better next time, ” said Sanders Wednesday on CNN. He also said that his campaign team in a few months time grown enormously, with more than 1,200 employees were adopted. The senator said it was possible that the disorganization has ensured that there is improper conduct was shown.

Sanders said his campaign, however, extra precautions have been taken during the Senaatsverkiezingen of 2018. All employees and volunteers were obliged to attend a training and there was a free phone line where complaints have been reported could be from a third party.

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