Ex-wife of Neil Young died

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Pegi Young, the ex-wife of rock star Neil Young, at the age of 66 died. The singer died on new year’s day surrounded by family and friends, sounds it today on her official Facebook page. She fought for a year against cancer.

Neil and Pegi Young were married for 36 years, but went in 2014 from each other. They have two children together.

The Canadian singer, known for more “Heart of Gold”, and the American musician have long been considered as perfect couple in the world of music. Pegi would be the inspiration of a few songs of Young. In the song “Unknown Legend” he described her as a waitress he had met: “I used to order just to watch her float across the floor”.

Pegi, which also has a music career to develop, is the co-founder of the Bridge School, a school for children with disabilities in California. Together with her ex-husband she organized an annual benefit concert for the school, that a climax was in the California music scene.

Pegi was the second wife of Neil Young. Since last year he married the American actress Daryl Hannah, known for more “Kill Bill”.

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