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Dutch schaatskampioene dies at only age 37

d61225978dea2e2bd427c22ded72ace4 - Dutch schaatskampioene dies at only age 37

The Dutch ex-skater Paulien van Deutekom is Thursday at the age of 37 died. That report various Dutch media drives. Van Deutekom was suffering from lung cancer. She experienced in 2008, the highlight of her career when she was world champion all-round. That year she also obtained silver in the world CHAMPIONSHIP distances, the 1500 and 3000 metres and gold in the ploegachtervolging. Then knew Deutekom never that level to pick up.

The Hague ended in 2012 with ice skating. Then she was still for a while working as an analyst for the Dutch public broadcaster NOS in characters.

Van Deutekom did one time in the Olympic Games. In 2006 finished in Turin in the 1500 meters as the thirteenth and with the Dutch female team as sixth on the chase.

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