Driver selected for International film Festival of Rotterdam

470da6c0deb97ae9426f914409b4b1dc - Driver selected for International film Festival of Rotterdam

The long-awaited feature film of Kenneth Merkcken ‘Driver’ will get its international premiere at the international film Festival Rotterdam (23 January – 3 February) in the section ‘Limelight’ within the section ‘Voices’. The film will be in Belgium released on 13 march 2019.

The semi-autobiographical debut is set in Flanders & Italy and follows the refrain, the glory and the dream of a young Flandrien that it wants to make, regardless of the consequences for themselves. The leading roles are played by rider and debuting actor Niels Willaert, Koen De Graeve (The misfortunates’), Karlijn Sileghem (‘Home’) and Fortunato Cerlino (‘Gomorrah’). The Dutchman Martijn van Broekhuizen was responsible for the cinematography and Manu Van Hove did the editing.

The young wielerbelofte Felix is on the verge of Italy, a semi-professional team to join. He wants, no matter what the cost following in the footsteps of his fanatical father’s steps, who absolutely wants his son to continue kicking than he. Felix’s frail health seems to be not able to cope with the ruthless world of cycling, with its cut-throat competition.

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