Chinese ‘Jack the Ripper’ executed

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In China it is Thursday morning, Gao Chengyong executed. That the courts of the city of Baiyin let you know. The 54-year-old man killed between 1988 and 2002 in a horrible way eleven women and girls.

Because Gao Chengyong several of his victims mutilated, he was also known as the Chinese ‘Jack the Ripper’, the killer of prostitutes in east London at the end of the 19th century.

Gao Chengyong was in march 2018 sentenced to death. The Chinese Supreme court approved his execution good.

The man was only in 2016 is picked up. He was by chance identified, after a family member that was arrested for a small crime, a DNA test was conducted. The detectives noticed similarities with the DNA of the killer, who for 28 years was searched.

Gao Chengyong committed the murders in a span of 14 years in Gansu province and the inner Mongolia autonomous region. His targets were young women, often in the red dressed were. He followed them to their home, to be with them then to rape and to kill. Often, the throat of the women were cut, and were parts of their body such as the genitalia, is removed. The youngest victim was eight years old.

The killer has ” a sexual perversion and hatred of women’, stated to the police in 2004, when she for the first time, a link laid between the various murders, and a reward of only 27.000 euro uitloofde for any information.

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