China writes history with the first spacecraft on the backside of the moon

The Chinese spacecraft Chang’e 4 is Thursday landed on the far side of the moon. Reports that the Chinese staatsomroep CGTN via Twitter. It is the first time that a probe on the backside of the moon landing.

The probe landed at 3.26 pm (Belgian time). The unmanned mission is named after the Chinese goddess of the moon.

China has been developing for years an ambitious space programme, in which the 8 billion dollars per year investing. It hopes, as by 2030 one of the three most powerful ruimtevaartlanden to be.

The probe, in which a robotvoertuig to the lunar surface to explore and experiments to conduct, was launched on 8 december.

‘The landing lifts the veil of mystery on the back side of the moon, and start a new chapter in the exploration of it,” said an announcer on the Chinese staatsomroep.

Previous space missions have already used the photos of the back of the moon, but none of them landed there as well.

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