Canvas celebrates 75th anniversary Jan The Wanted with portrait

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On January 1, was Jan The Wanted 75. As a result the programming Canvas the brand new documentary dear mr The Wild. It is an intimate and personal portrait of ‘liedjesboer and troubadour’ The Wanted on the basis of strong live-clips, spicy quotes, testimonials and archival footage.

Jan De Wilde was on January 1, 1944 born in Aalst. Through the children’s choir, a ukulele and a first guitar he unrolled the music within, it was considered the PMS (the precursor of the Pupil guidance Centre) that he was a better engineer. In 1965 it was Jan The Wanted for the first time on tv. He soon grew into a kleinkunsticoon. And that is what he is today. Thanks to songs that belong to our collective memory. Songs like ‘Joke’, ‘A merry lentelied’, ‘First snow’, ‘Fanfare of hunger and thirst’, ‘Ow’.

Jan De Wilde is a master storyteller, a brilliant songwriter, great performer and … pioneer-nilly. He belongs to the first generation of Flemish cabaret artists. Singers who are aware for the Flemish language chose, and thus a wayward way took. A lot of that generation are now deceased: Zjef Vanuytsel, Wannes Van de Velde, Walter De Buck, Hugo Raspoet, … But, Jan continues to occur, with more success than ever. As if only now everything falls into place. Over the past years he travelled in Flanders around with the tour ‘Day mr. The Wild”. It is precisely this long series of concerts that the feed meant for the eponymous documentary.

Geert text leads the student from (manager): “The death of his good friend Zjef Vanuyutsel has heavily hacked on the minds of Jan. As if he on the one hand, his own finitude before saw, and on the other hand, realized that he was grateful had to be for what he still every day should do. What me surprised is that there are hardly any good recent footage of Jan. Therefore, we decided to make a concert, in a professional, tv-worthy way. We did that in CC De Werf in Aalst on 12 march 2016. When viewing and listening to the footage grew the idea to continue. We would have a portrait of Jan The Wanted to make.”

Geert Vanhassel (journalist/musician): “We chose to Mar his own portrait sketches, supplemented with quotes from contemporaries, and the (known) admirers. Soon we got a famous list together: Urbanus, Bart Peeters, Hugo Matthysen, Kris De Bruyne, Della Bosiers, Gust Decoster, … that we complemented with a few close friends: friend/biographer/producer Jo Bogaert, guitarist Eddy Peremans … Then it also turned out that the VRT archive is a treasure trove of images of the young Jan De Wilde contains, fell the puzzle together.”

The result is a 50 minute documentary on fifty years of music history, contained in a single unpredictable life.

View dear mr Wild on Thursday, January 3, to 23u05 on Canvas or wherever you are via or Proximus TV app. Click here to download the program. On the TV Replay you watch the program for up to 36 hours later, when you want!

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