Boat with refugees is allowed to dock in Naples

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The German reddingsschip of the ngo Sea Watch 3 may after for days ronddobberen on the Mediterranean Sea to moor in Naples. “We are happy that European solidarity still means anything’, tweet the organization.

Sea-Watch 3 sails under Dutch flag and has 32 migrants on board. The ship have been trying since december 22 admission to get into a harbor to dock. Wednesday should both Sea-Watch 3 as another reddingsschip, Sea-Eye, ‘shelter’ in Maltese waters, but they were not allowed to moor. The Maltese decision came after messages from the ever-worsening conditions on board. By the violent weather at sea, suffering a lot of migrants on board to seasickness. On the Sea-Eye are 17 people.

A number of Italian mayors rebel against the anti-migration policy of the minister of the Interior Matteo Salvini. In november, Salvini a controversial bill that the immigration policy of Italy strongly sharpens. The most important measure is that humanitarian residence permits are cancelled. The mayors of Palermo, Naples, Florence, and Parma were opposed to that policy.

The mayor of Naples, Luigi de Magistris, the reddingsschip with migrants, so I arrive in his city, despite the closure of the ports.

The netherlands indicated Wednesday that it is willing to be a part of the 32 people on board to catch. But that is only ‘on condition that other European countries do the same’, stressed Lennart Wegewijs, the spokesman of the Dutch ministry of Justice.

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