BBC turns Flemish

bd5ae409db531940ab58f5b724a224d7 - BBC turns Flemish

Sunday night turns to the BBC for a moment what the Flemish, because the set of Les Miserables. For the umpteenth time was the famous novel of Victor Hugo edited. The special is that the pictures are in our country took place, because many of the necessary locations are not in Great Britain are available. Who in Ghent lives, recognize surely the St michael’s bridge. There was a popular uprising filmed that are supposedly set in Paris. Using a computer program, the stepped gables of the Koren – and Graslei removed, because it is not in Paris may be linked. Other shooting locations were the Brussels Beguinage church, the castle of Enghien, the brewery Saint-Georges Limbourg, and a bridge in Names. The broadcasts are still some Sundays.

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