Ambitious plasticopruimingsproject Ocean Cleanup is still

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After less than three months in the Pacific Ocean is the plasticafvalvangerproject The Ocean Cleanup still. There is an eighteen-metre long end of the ship loose. As soon as the weather permits the installation will be on land again.

Fatigue and strong local sales tax are the probable causes for the defect. The afvalvanger is stable in the water. For the crew of the companion ship, the environment and shipping traffic, there is no risk.

The installation is in september from the bay of San Francisco to a plasticrijk area in the Pacific Ocean dropped. The operations started on 17 October.

In december there were already problems. The installation, conceived by Dutchman, Boyan Slat, could the collected plastic will not hold. The upcoming repairs will also solve that problem. How long that will take, we know not yet, said spokesperson Jan van Ewijk.

The plasticvanger consists of a 600-meter-long buoy that causes the system to remain afloat and the waste and not to the surface can escape. Below hangs a kind of curtain that is up to three metres depth in the sea, the waste can stop it. Ships bring the plastic later, to country, to the further processing.

The goal is to get the plastic soup in the ocean micro beads to clean up. The amount of waste in the Pacific Ocean is 50 times larger than the area of Belgium, and weighs in at 113 million pounds. Slat still hopes that within five years to halve, and the waste to continue to be cut in half, until everything is cleaned up. If the problem can be solved, within a few months the first plastic waste arriving in the port of San Francisco. There would first be analyzed, especially to find out where all this plastic came from, and then by recycling companies to be processed.

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