Actor Walter Thunder explains oath

66885b1dc6f75f85de4740b138913583 - Actor Walter Thunder explains oath

Walter The Thunder, the actor who is famous of Samson & Gert and kabouter Plop, has in Leuven the oath taken as mayor of Affligem, a ministry that The Thunder since 2011 holds. The next legislature he leads in this Flemish-Brabant municipality of a coalition of List Mayor and Open2040. The Thunder is the CD&V of signature and participates since 2001 in the city council. He was there from 2007 to 2010 ships.

Also Hans Eyssen (CD&V) and Ingrid Holemans (Open Vld) laid in Leuven the oath as mayors of, respectively, Leuven and Zaventem. Eyssen, who been mayor since 2001, leads in Holsbeek is a coalition of CD&V, Groen and Open Vld. Ingrid Holemans, that Francis Vermeiren in July 2016 succeeded as mayor of the city, leads in Zaventem, a coalition of Open Vld and CD&V.

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