Women enter under police protection Indian temple

The Sabarimalatempel is one of the most sacred places of hinduism and was, until recently, forbidden for women of 10 to 50 years, which is considered the age in which women menstruate. The Supreme court destroyed in september of that prohibition, but it took the violent protests against the lifting of the ban, so until today before women succeeded in the sanctuary to enter.

At the temple, find all weeks of protests place of traditionalists, who for the preservation of the ban, and supporters of the decision of the Supreme court, including vrouwenrechtenbewegingen. Tuesday still were 5 million women that the decision of the Supreme court adhering to a 620 km long mensenketting in different parts of Kerala to fight for gender equality. The few women who already tried the shrine to enter, were attacked or detained by protesters.

Historic moment

The two women of 42 and 44 years entered the temple Wednesday morning under police escort. Pilgrims can choose the on a steep slope landscape temple through the 18 holy steps to enter. The women did not, however, because there are a lot of people and they fear to be attacked.

According to BBC, the managers have the temple after the visit one hour closed to a ‘purification rite’. According to local authorities, that the visit of the two women, a ‘historic moment’, was the decision to leave the sanctuary to conclude a violation of the judgment of the Supreme court.


In hinduism, are menstruating women considered unclean. Therefore, they should not participate in religious rituals. Most temples allow women, however, when she does not menstruate.

The Supreme court took the ban under scrutiny as a result of a petition in which it is considered that the ban goes against the gender equality. Ruling party BJP has the judgment, however, an attack on the values of hinduism called. The question therefore plays a major role in the run-up to the elections in India, which in april and may to take place. Critics accuse prime minister Narendra Modi of its divisions to want to create on religious issues to the mainly hindu supporters of his party to spawn.

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