Wants Romney to compete against Trump?

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Trump misses karakterieel the qualities to the U.S. to lead. This frontal attack prepares ex-presidential candidate Mitt Romney might be in for a candidacy in the Republican primaries.

Mitt Romney, the Republican candidate in the 2012 presidential election and lost to Democrat Barack Obama, is taking tomorrow his seat in the U.s. Senate. He celebrated this with a sharp op-ed …

Mitt Romney, the Republican candidate in the 2012 presidential election and lost to Democrat Barack Obama, is taking tomorrow his seat in the U.s. Senate. He celebrated this with a sharp op-ed in The Washington Post in which he the character and the foreign policy of his partijgenoot Donald Trump under fire.

‘The presidency of Donald Trump in december, a deep dive”, open Romney, with a reference to the departure or resignation of Defence minister Jim Mattis and chief of staff John Kelly and their replacement by less experienced figures. Trumps behavior in the past two years, and especially in december, proved themselves, according to Romney, that the president is not from the right wood cut for the office.

Divided and angry country

‘A president must unite us and essential qualities such as honesty and integrity. With a country so divided and angry, presidential leadership is essential. It is in this respect that the shortcomings of the president of the flagrantst.”

Romney accuses Trump also that he is the American leadership in the world to the loss of has thrown. ‘His words and actions have an astonishment in the world headed, ” writes the former governor of Massachusetts. In a world which is being led by authoritarian regimes is a world of less prosperity, less freedom and less peace you know.’


Romney was never a big fan of Trump. That it had however sustained, when he in 2012 recorded against Obama. During the most recent campaign called Romney Trump even a gluiperd’. Still, Romney is even in the picture as a possible minister of Foreign Affairs of the new president. And he got last year with the support of Trump during his campaign for one of the two Senaatszetels in the state of Utah.

In his op-ed in The Post writes Romney, ” To us leadership in world politics to regain, we must first identify the shortcomings in our domestic policy to restore. And that project presupposes of course that the highest office of our re-inspires and unites.’

Some commentators in the US see in that passage is a sign that the newly minted senator ambitions for the presidential elections of 2020, the candidate of the Republicans. Before that he would in the primaries must record against Trump.

Grassroots support continues to Trump loyalty

The American president does not score really well in the polls. According to the agency Gallup found at the end of december – ahead of the partial “shutdown” of the Us government), but 39 % of the Americans that Trump his job is doing well.

That is worse than the 41 % that Bill Clinton and Ronald Reagan after two years we’ve had in the Gallup poll. But both Clinton when Reagan got a second term of office. Moreover, it continues to Trump according to Gallup, with 89 % highly score with the Republican constituency. That percentage was in december, even higher than at the end of 2017. And according to the peilingbureau Rasmussen is the general populariteitscijfer of Trump at 47 % – a lot higher than Gallup.

Trump, who is already working on his re-election in 2020, works, put Romney through twitter directly on its place: ‘I won with a big difference, he lost. Be a team player and win!’

Except the Mormons

The team around the president fears that, in particular Romney in the Senate the role of the Republican Trump-critic Jeff Flake wants to take over. That was asked last year not to run again. The mormons, that the supporters of Romney, have difficulties with the regeerstijl of Trump and his statements about women and migrants.

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