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Twelve expo’s to your next free days useful to spend

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The christmas holiday is coming to an end and most of us have now got rid of family get-togethers. Who doesn’t endlessly want to Netflixen can these days use to even one of these exhibitions to pick up, for they are irrevocably close the doors.

1/ Raoul De Keyser

Generous overview of 120 works of an introverted artist who was painting as a quest saw. Smak, Gent, to 27/1. Read the review >

2/ Beyond Climbs

What followed there after Climbs in the thoroughly redesigned Central Europe? A fleet of avant – gardebewegingen, Bozar in eighty works. Centre for Fine Arts, Brussels, to 20/1. Read the review >

3/ Higher ground

Carl De Keyzer went into the mountains with the question: what if we are all to the highest echelons need to move? Red Star Line, Antwerp, until 27/1.

4/ Bieke Depoorter

She was familiar with ‘onenightfoto’s’. Now pulled the Magnumfotografe a year with the same woman, Agata. Fomu, Antwerp, to 10/2. Reread the conversation between the photographer and her muse >

5/ René Daniels

A stroke broke his career in 1987 abruptly, but the bleak imagery of this genuine artist is at work continues to fascinate. Wiels, Frost, 6/1. Read the review >

6/ The Americans

Robert frank’s riveting roadtrip through the United States of the fifties has nothing to eloquence lost. Musée de la Photographie, Charleroi, to 20/1. Read the review >

7/ René Heyvaert

With small interventions to achieve this the artist-architect and poetic prutser everyday objects out of their context. Museum M, Leuven, to 10/2. Read the review >

8/ Niki de Saint Phalle

The first Belgian retrospective of the work of this French artist, known for her nana’s in zuurstokkleurtjes. BAM, Mons, to 13/1.

9/ The ladies of the baroque

They were little, the female artists in the Italian baroque. But piece for piece they had something exceptioneels and they enjoyed high protection. MSK, Gent, to 20/1. Read the review >

10/ James Lee Byars

The American artist and performer had strong ties with Antwerp. The exhibition is divided into seven chapters, referred to as a thread through his oeuvre. Muhka, Antwerp, to 20/1. Read the review >

11/ Berlin 1912-1932

Berlin grew in the interwar period from an artistic breeding ground, sensitive to social changes and ideologies. The royal Museums of Fine Arts, Brussels, until 27/1. Read the review >

12/ Power and beauty: the Arenbergs

For five centuries it belonged to the Arenberg family to the highest European nobility. They were cosmopolitans, avant la lettre, with a large grip on the Low Countries. . Museum M, Leuven, to 20/1. Who were the Arenbergs? >

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