Trump is considering a new meeting with Kim Jong-un after ‘great’ letter

The American president Donald Trump on Wednesday indicated that he was a ‘great’ letter from North Korean leader Kim Jong-un. Trump also says that he is the North Korean leader ‘probably’ again will meet.

“We have a very good relationship built up, shared Trump Wednesday as a result of that letter to the reporters in the White House. “We will probably have a new meeting’, according to the American president, who, however, immediately made clear that there was ‘no urgency’ is involved.

Tuesday he had, in a tweet already let them know to look out for a meeting with Kim was very well aware that North Korea is about a great economic potential has’.

Kim Jong-un had at the start of the new year highlighted was that North Korea’s dismantling of its kernarsenaal would be able to stop if the Americans hold on to their sanctions. “As the U.S. their promise to not comply with them for the whole world, then we have no other choice than a new way to search our sovereignty and our interests,” he had warned.

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