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This is the step in the Mainstream? – Stuttgart stock exchange “the BISON”

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What BISON is?

In the past it was anything but easy, crypto-currencies such as XRP, Bitcoin, Ethereum and co. to buy from a reputable supplier. The subsidiary of the Stuttgart stock exchange Digital Ventures, the Sowa Labs GmbH, would like to change the with of the BISON App. So far, there is no crypto Trading App behind the traditional stock exchange. The BISON App will allow the users for the time being, to be able to Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and Ripple trade. It should, however, follow soon, other crypto-currencies.

I need a Wallet?

According to the FAQ on the website of the company, are currencies your ordered Crypto of BISON kept in a safe place. However, they also write that BISON has control of your crypto-Assets, and you can’t do this for the time being, the App route transport holiday. While you are working that you can send in the future purchased crypto-currencies of the App on his own Wallet, but this function is not to be at the Launch of the App still available.

What is the cost?

Trading in BISON is not supposed to be for active users, free of charge, which means that BISON earned no money. Like most of the crypto Trading Apps is retracted, the turnover of the enterprise behind it by the Spread. The Spread is the difference between the purchase price and the selling price. An example: You want to buy in a crypto Trading App an Ether at the displayed price of$ 100, the actual price of an Ether is at the same Moment, but only for 97$, these 3% are referred to as the Spread. And it is precisely on this 3% difference of the operator of the Trading earn App.

If I can’t wegtransferieren, “own currencies”, I even Crypto?

According to the current state you are buying currencies in the case of Bison directly the Crypto, and not CFDs. The CFD’s, put out to tender: Contracts for Difference, or contracts for difference are highly speculative derivatives, which is different than in the case of a stock, not the company or the product involved, but merely a claim to it. Usually CFDs investors used to only invest in the short term, with a lever in a certain Asset. The difference of CFDs over shares is that you can bet in CFD trading against the price, so when prices are falling can make a profit. CFDs are leveraged products, which means that you can open with a small capital to trade a large position, but this also means that you can increase his loss greatly. Trading CFDs is very risky and should only be used by experienced investors.

What is BISON?

In the case of Bison, it should go primarily only to the buying and selling of crypto-currencies, nevertheless, there will still be a couple of other Features.

The BISON crypto radar

Through artificial intelligence the crypto radar of BISON analyzed more than 250,000 Tweets to the most important information, to currencies, the available in the App Crypto, for the user to summarize. In addition, he should be able to, by analyzing Tweets, the current mood of the investors in respect of the offered crypto-currencies.If the crypto radar works reliably, and the current Tweets, the relevant information is analyzed correctly and together, will it remove the users some work.

Where and when can I download BISON and use?

The App should be at the end of January 2019 for all customers. It is offered for both iOS as well as Android users. A Desktop or browser version of BISON will not give it for the Launch.


However, there are also BISON a number of shortcomings. The basic idea of Bitcoin and crypto-currencies in General, namely, the decentralisation and the full control over the asset is lost in the case of BISON. It’s who is apparent, the crypto-Assets kept on the exact security arrangements but will not be received by the company. Also remains the Spreads to be seen to be moving in what dimensions. All in all, BISON sounds like a promising project, which can definitely act as a link between the Mainstream and the crypto-market.

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