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The 4 most popular dApps (Ethereum, EOS, Tron)

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dApps (dezentrale Applot’s ofs) are applications whose main code on a Blockchain running. Usually, this constellation will be implemented through Smart Contracts. dApps are many and varied. There are dApps, which act as exchanges, others act as a kind of digital collectible card game and others of this, Especially the gambling.

The “collecting cats”App crypto kitties put lahm at the end of 2017 due to the sheer number of transactions for a short time even Ethereum and came to great prominence. Weddings had crypto kitties to 14,000 daily Users. Meanwhile, the Hype has become placed around the cats but pretty. Currently Radar seem to be, according to the dApp-only 300 persons on the day of play with the cats.

However, dApps are now dead? And what Apps are now currently the most used?

First of all-no – dApps are not dead. Rather, the decline in the users of the dApps is due to the General decline of the Blockchain to tie in 2017. As soon as the cops race again, it is likely to come for the dApps to a Renaissance.

The most common dApp at the Moment is running neither on Ethereum, Tron, or EOS but on its own Blockchain.

The question is naturally:

1. Steemit (Steem)

Steemit is a kind of social network on its own Steem Blockchain.

Steemit is a kind of mixture of Reddit, Twitter, and Medium. The concept is relatively sophisticated, but breaks in the end, the fact that a User of the platform can write articles and those of other users of the platform vote. The special feature here is that authors are paid directly to the platform for each article, so at least the theory. Also, it is possible to “re-steemen” (similar to re-tweeting) and to share with his followers. Steemit has about 4,000 daily users. Including we of crypto Ticker. Our Steemit Account you can find here.

However, what is now the most popular dApp on Ethereum?

2. IDEX (Ethereum)

At IDEX it is not a cat but a decentralized Exchange.

IDEX allows a simple exchange of, purchase and sale of various Ethereum to have Token the private Key over the Assets. IDEX has 700 daily users, and comes to 5500 daily transactions.

The Top dApp of EOS, however, is somewhat daring.


EOS is a popular platform for dApps, as in the case of EOS, no transaction fees for the user of a dApp. This also allows for micro transactions and “transaction Spamming”. DICE comes to 2000 daily Users and 550,000 daily transactions. What DICE the Name suggests: a game of luck. Grade this is of course especially popular for Blockchain applications as it is hoped here a certain amount of transparency and trustworthiness. In addition, in some countries there are very strict gambling requirements, particularly in the USA, you could, in theory, be very easy with such dApps deal.

Warning: gambling can be addictive. We don’t want to animate, try this dApp or do anything illegal – for us, it’s to inform just about.

DICE offers, among Others, BlackJack and Baccarat

Also in the case of Tron, the luck is the dominant game, a force that is in the dApp area.

4. TRONbet (Tron)

Tron is a relatively new dApp platform. It is Primarily due to its dazzling founder Justin Sun is known, the wide-lane promises makes Ethereum and all the other dApp to make platforms obsolete.

TRONbet has 2400 daily users and 666000 daily transactions and a relatively simple Interface. In the end, it boils down to, however, here, too, the fact that you can bet on a dice game.

TRONBET looks simple as a DICE

Warning: gambling can be addictive. We don’t want to animate, try this dApp or do anything illegal – for us, it’s to inform just about.

Conclusion: The number of dApps is steadily growing – the number of users is, however, most of the more manageable. It would also be desirable if there would be more in the future, “meaningful” dApp applications. Most of the time this seems, however, at the Moment the Oracle-to-fail Problem. It will be exciting to see what the future holds.

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