Six dead in treinongeval in Denmark

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In a treinongeval in Denmark are six deaths and sixteen wounded cases. That the police have confirmed. A reizigerstrein with 131 passengers, was probably on the parts of a freight car broken in.

The accident happened around 7.30 am on the Great belt bridge, the islands of Funen and Zealand links. Initially, there was only eight wounded, but the police confirm that six deaths.

The passenger train was en route to the capital, Copenhagen, when, presumably inreedt parts and were tarpaulins; of a freight train, as confirmed by Banedanmark, the Danish company that the rail network maintains.

Stormy weather made it difficult for the emergency services to the affected passenger train to reach. Possible lag that storm on the basis of the accident. According to some sources, parts of the freight train by the wind loose and would reizigerstrein then run in. An official confirmation is still not there.

Ultra modern railway network

The Danish police said Wednesday at a news conference by DSB mentioned death toll is still not to be able to confirm. Also about the number of wounded and wanted to make any statements.

Accidents are rare on the state of the art rail network of Denmark. The bridge between Funen and Zealand remains closed to traffic, but cars can already drive. Daily drive around the 27,000 vehicles over the bridge, and make of 21,000 passengers to the crossing. The Great belt bridge is part of a road network that Denmark and Sweden connects with Germany.

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