Sam De Bruyn wants good intention deliver

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1 January is the day on which just about all the Belgians with their good intentions express. However, as many as 80 percent of the people fails to plan effectively. There will life insurance company NN something to change. Via calls NN all the Belgians to their intention as well known as possible. For those who have resolutions to as many people as possible make known, experience more social pressure and thus increases the likelihood of success for his/her good intentions to a good end. Also the Belgian mayors, for whom 2019 the start of a new policy period means, be urged to give their intentions to the world. The campaign is also supported by Q-dj Sam De Bruyn and presenter Sandrine Corman, who is also their good intentions to comment.
A new year also brings new plans. So will almost everyone once again work to create good intentions. Eat healthier, exercise more, the grandparents some more visits or finally go looking for another job and a new adventure to look… Good intentions speak is but a way to make work from what’s already longer had to be done.

Insurance for your good intention? The reality, however, is that those good intentions after a while each time in the fridge end up to one year later. Despite their good intentions, succeeds as many as 80 percent of the Belgians not to their good intentions.
Life coach Sara Van Wesenbeeck explains why it is so difficult to put our good intentions to keep up: “The core of the realization of your good intentions lies in the functioning of your brain. Intend to achieve is not more or less than the change of your behavior and
habits. You will train your brain so need to be re-programmed and that goes hand in hand with taking a lot of obstacles. But with a smart approach you can make it for your brain is easier to change and you can have your good intentions this year, however, realize!”

Then call the insurer with all the Belgians on to good intentions public. Via can the Belgians their good intention to register. NN will then ensure that this playful shared with as many family, friends and acquaintances. That is done through online banners, social media… so that as many people as possible are aware of the good intentions. As we increase the social pressure, which makes the intention more likely to succeed.
As the most personal insurer NN after all, as a mission to the Belgian on the road to a healthy and happy life. Because that is still the best life insurance.

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