Romney accuses Trump ” anywhere in the world upsets to cause

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The former Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney takes in a sharp op-ed in The Washington Post to partijgenoot Donald Trump.

“The appointment of inexperienced people in senior positions, turning their backs on allies, and the brash pronouncement that America is very, very long time the “sukkeltje” of the world, undermining all of his presidency, ” writes Romney in the American newspaper. “The words and deeds of Trump cause a worldwide upset.’

Romney says further that the behavior of Trump over the past two years demonstrates that he is unable to behave like a president is expected.

The Republican wrote the op-ed two days before he will be appointed senator for the state of Utah. The news agency Reuters asked the White House for a response, but that did not happen. Trump responded to myself, is not. Last year supported the American president Romney, then, that a throw did to a senaatszetel.

‘Strangled like a dog’

Yet it is not the first time that Romney and Trump to each other, all in. During the campaign for the presidential elections in 2016, called Romney, the former real estate developer ‘is a fraud, which the Americans for idiots terrible’. Trump said that Romney was strangled like a dog ” when, in 2012, the presidential election lost to Obama.

Romney wrote in his op-ed also added that he is planning to speak out against any and all judgments or decisions made by Trump that ‘the land divided, racist, or sexist, migrants envision, the truth to do violence to or democratic institutions to undermine’.

In the past, said Romney is also as a champion of the free press, and denounced the many tricks of Trump to journalists. ‘The press is an essential part of our republic, our freedom, and our national security, ” wrote Romney two months ago in a opiniebijdrage.

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